NY SHOW: Saturday 25th June


NY SHOW: Saturday 25th June




Saturday, 25th June, 6pm

Gallery hours: 
Saturday 12pm-late
Sunday 12pm-3pm

*limited 2 day show
**all welcome

Two photographers: Sadeghi and Custins specialise in shooting thier projects with instant film and other analogue processes.

Adam is a New Zealander, and presents a body of work named "The School of Philosophy" which is an evolving project that describes his childhood and growing up in an alternative religious organisation that centered on Hindu teachings and various other philosophies. The school still exists around the world including here in New York where it is known as The School of Practical Philosophy. 

Colby has just returned from New Zealand, where he spent a year and a half shooting extensively. He is showing landscapes from this time.

Adam & Colby showed together previously in Auckland, April 2016.