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I will maintain this blog as an archive of my Instant Film journey over the last nearly ten years.

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This has been a project a year in the making: it is a response to a year of violence and politics:


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"The School of Philosophy" is a developing project that describes my childhood growing up in an alternative religious organisation that centered on Hindu teachings and various philosophies. The school still exists around the world for example in New York where it is known as The School of Practical Philosophy.




Sadeghi + Custins

1-3 April, 2016



Sadeghi + Custins

25 June, 2016






"Calligraphy", 2015

From preschool age, I was taght to write calligraphy with an ink pen and easels. 
This was taught in a class room setting, and included learning both written and spoken Sanskrit.



"Consciousness", 2015

The concept of Universal Mind could simplistically be illustrated with a glass of water.

See how there is water in this glass. Consider how our bodies are 90% water. Picture the moisture in the air, the ground, the seas. Now imagine consciousness as being all around us, in us, everywhere. It is life itself. 



"The Garden, No.1", 2016

The properties owned by the School and those around the world, are often old English style with formal gardens.

One justification was that old architecture often observed the proportions of the Golden Section.

This was a spirituality that demanded classical aesthetics.




"True Nature", 2015

Gender as difference was constantly reinforced. Male and female served different and specific roles.

This forced any alternative world view undercover. From an early age I could quickly recognise that all was not as it seemed. People were leading double lives. This was not a residential, communal life. Members lived normal suburban lives, but would attend meetings, weekends, and retreats.